Ick! Hand Driers Turn Out to Be Not-So-Sanitary After All

Hand driers seem sanitary on the surface, don’t they?

You wash your hands. You don’t even touch the driers. Their motion sensor picks up your movement and blows air on your hands until dry.

Your hands don’t even come into contact with the machine.

How could bacteria, viruses, and (yeesh!) fecal matter even come into contact with you?

Well, truth be told, University of Connecticut Researchers aren’t totally sure. But, they do know hand driers actually spread more bacteria, viruses, and fecal matter than paper towel dispensers you operate by hand.

The Surprising Results of the Study

In America, we place a pretty high importance on cleanliness and sanitation. So, it’s no shot when a university studies an aspect of it.

University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac University researchers had questions about hand driers.

So, to learn a little more, they placed petri dishes in 36 bathrooms in University of Connecticut health and science buildings.

When off, the dishes revealed one bacterial culture landing about every two minutes. But when researchers turned the hand driers on for just 30 seconds, they found 18 – 60 bacteria cultures on the petri dishes.

On the extreme end, one dish had 254 cultures on it in under a minute!

Now, top this off with the airflow from hand driers pushing all the disease-causing agents right out the bathroom door and into the rest of the building.

Quite nasty when you think about it.

You can read the study details here.

So What Do You Do With This?

This isn’t the only study that has implicated hand driers in the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fecal matter. Others have found similar results.

It’s still early, but it’s hard to see how any research could find something radically different.

So at a minimum, you should at least revisit your sanitation protocols for hand driers. And you should strongly consider replacing them with motion-sensor-activated paper towel dispensers.

Yeah, that results in unexpected costs. But, eventually, this research will become common knowledge and shape the way consumers think.

Just the sight of a hand-drier will remind them of the disgusting spread of bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing agents. And they’ll think negatively of your company as a result.

Act soon, when this remains below the awareness of most Americans, and you’ll mitigate any harm to your company.

It’s a strange and unexpected thing, but at least you know about it and can take action.

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