How Do You Remain a Top-Notch Cleaning Pro?

There’s no doubt that being a cleaning professional in modern society takes far more knowledge, skill, and desire than before. Back in the day, if you could make a room look clean, you did your job. Now you have intense downward pressure from management to get the same amount cleaned in less time. And you have upward pressure from customers, who want nothing less than a perfectly sanitized space.

Although many get started in cleaning just to make ends meet for now, they end up sticking with the profession for years because they realize the intense professionalism it takes to succeed.

So, with that in mind, how do you keep your skills sharp so you don’t fall behind the curve?

Here’s what:

1. Find What Truly Motivates You about Cleaning

It’s difficult to keep your motivation in cleaning, or in any profession, if it just amounts to a paycheck and something to do. True motivation comes from focusing on deeper, underlying desires.

For example, you may enjoy seeing how elated customers get when they see the job you’ve done. You enjoy being of service to others and helping them get what they want.

Or, you may love the sophisticated science and challenge of sanitizing large facilities. Or, you might like showing your management the business results you deliver, like reduced employee sicknesses and absences due to your team’s work.

You’ll have to discover what truly drives you. And it may change over time as you get deeper into the profession.

2. Improve At Least One Little Step Each Day

Nothing gets more boring in life than doing the same old thing each day, getting basically the same ol’ results.

Regardless of your position on the cleaning team, focus on what you can do better daily.

How can you do your job faster, without sacrificing work quality? What new product could you try that sanitizes, and reduces the chances of sickness? What simple extra can you toss in to make your customer happier?

Many cleaning pros get stuck in the same old routine. If you focus on small innovations daily, you’ll easily find yourself near the top of the pack.

That makes your job, or business, more secure.

Staying at your best isn’t easy. It takes hard work and constantly pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. But, you’ll love your work and getting up ready to start each new day if you maintain that focus.

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