How Much Will Cleaning Your Own Carpets Cost?


There’s no straightforward and simple answer to this question. You see, part of the answer depends on how you choose to clean your carpets (hot water extraction, encapsulation, dry, and so on). And what type of cleaning system will you use? Will it be one that mounts on a back of a truck, or will you use portable carpet cleaners?

Things like these affect your costs.

1. Know the National Average

In general, you can expect it to cost around 30-50 cents per square foot to clean the carpet at your business.

2. Age of Your Carpet

The older it is, the more it’s going to take to clean. If your existing carpet is more than 10 years old, it may be worth your time to entertain the idea of replacing it.

3. Condition of Your Carpet

Is your padding worn out? Is the pile crushed? Has your carpet lost a lot of color? Are there wrinkles and ripples all over the place?

The worse the condition of your carpet, the more it’s going to cost to clean.

4. Do you Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Carpet?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The more regular maintenance you perform, the longer your carpet lasts, and the less cleaning it takes.

Do you vacuum once per week? That’s not enough maintenance, but you should do it. In addition, you should also clean around your baseboard and other difficult-to-access places, use a crisscross vacuuming pattern on heavily trafficked areas, and add soil retardants to your newly cleaned carpet.

Furniture Moving

It’s going to take more time to move all the furniture in your office. Think about other obstructions you might have too.

How long will it take to move all of those so you can access the carpet?

Extra Costs

There’s always odds and ends that add to your costs. One of those is the number of spot-cleans you’re going to have to do. You might also want to repair the color of your carpet, dry it, and have it steam cleaned.

Well, that’s the breakdown for carpet cleaning costs. Now, you know some strategies for saving money, increasing your profitability, and making your business a cleaner place for your customers to visit.

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